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Terms and Conditions: Port Otago Security for Cruise Vessels

9th September 2016

The introduction of the New Zealand Maritime Security Act 2004 and regulations has placed a number of responsibilities and requirements on all who wish to enter those ports that service international shipping. The access requirements as applicable to the Port Otago facilities at Port Chalmers and Dunedin for all Cruise Ship Visits are outlined below.

To support professional cruise and tour operations, in 2016 we are introducing a dedicated facility for cruise passenger assembly, where all cruise passenger assembly will occur, and an online Tour Operators Booking System.  This booking system must be used: for registering as an approved Tour Operator, to advise the port of all persons that require access to the port, and to advise of intention to collect passengers from the port.


  1. All operators seeking access into the port for the cruise season are required to register using Port Otago’s Tour Operators Booking System http://www.portotago.co.nz/tobs - registration will require provision of the following information:
    - Company name and contact details, including phone numbers and email address
    - Each driver and tour guide’s full name, identification number and type
  2. List of acceptable authorised identification types for drivers and guides:
    - A valid driver's licence issued by Land Transport Safety or valid Overseas Drivers Licence (NOT International) providing they have been issued by a state or central government authority
    - A valid passport
    - A valid identification card issued by a New Zealand government agency or New Zealand Defence Force
    - A seafarer's identity document issued by a contracting government
    - An identification credential issued by a recognised company, union or trade association
    - Any other form of identification approved by the Chief Executive of Maritime New Zealand
    - A credit card with photo
    - Valid 18+ Identification Card 'Evidence of Age Document'.
  3. Additional requirements of acceptable identification:
    - All I.D’s must be tamper-proof
    - Temporary drivers licenses/expired IDs are illegal and are NOT acceptable for the purposes of identification and access on to the Port.
  4. Persons who are not within the Tour Operators Booking System, the Authorised Access List or the Ship’s Visitors List will not be permitted entry.
  5. Pre-booked private tours - For each pre-booked tour, a “pickup booking” must be advised to Port Otago via the Tour Operators Booking System.  Information required for each pickup booking includes: the Drivers and Guides’ names, tour group member’s names, parties name and pickup time.
    - Port Security is to be advised by 0530 day of ship arrival via the above pickup bookings.  Receipt of the above information outside these times may result in port entry being denied.
  6. Private operators without pre-arranged tours/customers – will not be allowed into the port area unless arranged through the I-Site and the conditions of clause 1. have been complied with.
  7. Official Cruise Ship Contracted Vehicles - Only those vehicles contracted to the cruise ship and its representatives will be allowed on to the wharf 30 minutes prior to uplift and set-down passengers or crew as required. All such tours must be notified to Port Security before ship’s arrival and have the tour number clearly displayed on assigned vehicles. .All drivers/guides names must be provided to Port Otago Security as per clause 1.
  8. Arrival/Departure Times for Private Operators - Buses/Tour Operators’ Vehicles arriving to pick up passengers at a scheduled departure time should not be earlier than 15 minutes before scheduled pickup time. All operators’ vehicles should wait outside the port in the designated area.
    - All operators are to depart the designated area once they have picked up their assigned customers or at their time of agreed departure
    - All pickups for Private Tour Operators will be from outside Door 2, A-Shed, Beach St, including when 2 vessels are berthed at Port Chalmers, unless this changes for specific operational reasons, or as directed by security staff you will be advised.
  9. Taxis – Only persons authorised by the Taxi Company will be allowed access to the wharf. No individual taxi driver requests will be accepted. Access onto the wharf to drop off passengers will only be allowed if the driver is on the Ports Access list.
  10. As a condition of entry to Port Otago Limited Wharf Areas, your vehicle or any bags you are carrying in may be subjected to a random search by the security staff. Failure to comply with this request by security staff will result in entry being denied.
  11. Active private retailing is not permitted on Port Otago Property
    - Operators without authorization, found retailing within Port Otago property will have their entry rights revoked and trespass orders may be issued.
    - All operators must conduct the business for which they have advised Security as reason for entry to the Port. I.e. Taxi/Private Operator/Tour Agent etc. no changing from one business operation to another.
  12. Port Security Officers’ Details

Carolyn Bennett

Cruise Manager

Mobile:+64 21 913 035

Email: cbennett@portotago.co.nz